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Tea Paper Cup Making Machine

Tea Paper Cup Making Machine

Paper tea cup making machine is an automatic machine with multi-working station, which has the features likes heavy duty gear box, solid controls for simple and easy operation, fast turnings and easy to maintenance. Our paper cup machines are fully designed and customized to suit the international market standards. We offer a great variety of tea paper cups that our clients have been using with great satisfaction. They can hold different kinds of potable liquids, ideal for parties and other large occasions. Paper tea cup making machine is also an ideal equipment of making hot drinks (tea, coffee, milk) disposable paper cups and ice-cream paper cups. We provide high-quality paper cup machines for customers through our continuous business planning support, project guidance and after sales service.

1. Micro-computer controller and frequency changer can automatically the transforming speed.
2. Paper tea cup making machine adopts advanced technology allowing facility more safely both for itself and operator.
3. This paper cup machine is easy to operate.
4. We can easily exchange moulds to produce paper cups with different sizes.
5. Paper tea cup making machine features easy maintenance with minimum cost.
6. It enjoys the advantages of cheap operating cost and low investment.

Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of disposable paper tea cup making machines in China. Our accumulated technologies and experience guarantee the highest quality products at very competitive prices. In addition to this paper cup machine, our company also offers paper bowl machine, paper bucket machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our paper cup forming machines have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on.