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MB-980 Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting Machine

MB-980 Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting Machine

MB-980 automatic die cutting machine is our latest product. It is an ideal choice for paper cup or printing factories to cut paper rolls to sheets through wooden dies. One set of paper roll die cutting machine can meet needs of 15 paper cup forming machines.
This automatic die cutting machine is PLC controlled, and it feeds paper rolls driven by servo motor. Users can preset the die cutting method by either following the color code or setting the cutting length. This paper roll die cutting machine is very practical for both printed and non-printed paper rolls.
MB-980 paper roll die cutting machine is ideal equipment for various types of paper, including PE coated paper. It is widely used in printing, packing and paper cup production. Driven by Schneider inverter, the paper roll first goes through a reverse device, and then feeds into the flatbed die cutter under the control of servo motor. The feeding length can be set by touch screen, convenient and precise.

1. The wooden die is locked through pneumatic clutch control, and it’s convenient to change the wooden die.
2. Automatic lubricating system facilitates daily maintenance.
3. Feeding and retreat of paper roll is controlled by the same button and motor, this allows smoother paper feeding and easier paper stacking.
4. This automatic die cutting machine is equipped with overload protecting system, which ensures safe operation.
5. All the key parts of this paper roll die cutting machine are imported to guarantee the high performance of the machine.
6. Automatic lifting system makes it more convenient for bulk operation.

Waste paper needs to be cleared by hand.
Wastage: min. 5% depends on your cup size and drawing.

Technical Data:

Model MB-980
Max. die cutting area 930 × 510
Max. speed 80 - 100 strokes/min
Main power 15 kW
Die cutting precision ±0.25mm
Material 100 - 400g/m2
Air source 1.0m3/min; 0.8MPA (prepared by customer)
Weight 8T
Dimension 5.5 × 2.4 × 1.92m

To learn more about the working performance of machine, please refer to the following video link:

Parts Origin
Main motor (7.5kW) Lichao, Shanghai, China
Servo motor (3kW) Mitsubishi, Japan
Motor for paper feeding Songyang, China 
Inverter Schneider
PLC Siemens
Auxiliary motor Sino-Taiwan joint venture
Magnetic powder brake China 
Air clutch Shanghai, China
Machine details:

Drive system                                                                                                                 Inside structure