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Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine

Disposable Paper Cup Making Machine

Disposable paper cup making machine is our economical and classical paper cup forming machine which can make cups 2.5 to 12 oz. It has a unique design with guard cover, which is better for heat dissipation and ensures the machine has a longer life span. The whole operations include paper feeding, oil casting, bottom punching, heating, knurling, edge curling and cups removing. Due to its low consumption and high efficiency, disposable paper cup making machine has become an ideal device for manufacturing disposable water cups, tea cups, advertisement cups, coffee cup, etc. Disposable paper cups made by this paper cup forming machine is of the highest quality and exciting printing designs and logo printing. Our prices are most affordable and we have enough stock at any given point of time.

Advantages Compared to Other Paper Cup Machine Supplier
1. We use standard 6×6 mm angle iron for the frame of this disposable paper cup making machine, which ensures its firmness.
2. Three cams are employed to control the cup clamp system, which will enable the paper cup forming machine run more fluently.
3. The knurling part is special than others. It is four times power strength as other machines and it makes low leaking ratio and high quality cups.
4. Lantytk® disposable paper cup making machine is much easier for repair and maintenance. Its design is concise but practical.
5. There are three pillars each side that are more durable.
6. This paper cup forming machine’s electrical part uses Chinese famous brand CHNT.
7. All the cams and gears are robust enough to maintain super performance when the machine running for a long time.

Lantytk® Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of disposable paper cup making machine in China. In addition to this paper cup forming machine, our company also offers paper bowl machine, paper bucket forming machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our paper cup machines have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on.