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Take Away Paper Juice Cup Making Machine

Take Away Paper Juice Cup Making Machine

Take away paper juice cup making machine is a fully automatic paper cup machine with multi-working station, which features high speed and high efficiency. The paper cup making machine is able to produce different kinds of take away juice cups after running a series of procedures such as automatic paper feeding, ultrasonic welding, oil silicon lubrication, bottom punching, heating, knurling, curling and cup discharging. Adorned with most attractive design and color, the paper cup making machine can also be used for various purposes such as water, tea, coffee, milk shake and other beverages. We also offer customized facilities to meet clients’ specifications.

Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of take away paper cup making machines in China. Our accumulated technologies and experience guarantee the highest quality products at very competitive prices. In addition to this paper cup shaping machine, our company also offers paper bowl machine, paper bucket machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our paper cup machines have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on.